Your Instinct Helmet has an extra high level of adjustability to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
3 Point harness

This adds great stability and will prevent the helmet being displaced in a fall. The straps can be extended or shortened via ladderlocks. Simply pull the loose end through the buckle to shorten or pull the main strap to lengthen. Then tighten the belt in the lock. Further adjustment can be made by releasing or tightening strap on the magnetic release buckle.


Your helmet has a quick and easy magnetic buckle. The fastener is engaged by placing the top fastener section into the metal part of the other strap. Once in position, both elements magnetically lock and securely engage in the groove. Opening the fastener is just as easy - simply tilt the top part forwards and pull away.

Back Adjuster

The helmet fit can be altered by using the adjuster at the back of the helmet. As worn, turn the wheel to the right to make it bigger and to the left to make it smaller. The adjuster should fit securely into the nape of the neck. Your Instinct helmet can be fitted with a different thickness of headband. Select the one that suits you best. These are fully removable and washable. Wash the inside of the helmet with water.


It is designed to crush and absorb impact in a fall - and come away from the helmet in the event of a fast moving accident. This lessens the chances of concussion and neck injuries.



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