Who is behind Instinct Polo?

After nearly 30 years of making helmets for the worlds top cricketers with Masuri – a brand he created – Jonathan Hardy turned his attention to making Polo helmets in 2015.

Jon teamed up with professional player Rod Matthews and manufacturer Silvio Perna, both with a similar wealth of experience to design and manufacture a revolutionary helmet in the UK.

After two years of development and 100’s of tests the helmet was ready for release in September 2017. Ongoing manufacture will be to strict BSI ‘kitemark’ standards.

Our Solution

The focus was to produce a light traditional helmet with maximum impact protection, eradicate the problems that a large peak poses in neck injuries and to produce an effective faceguard.

For concussion, two carbon composite shells with an aluminium honeycomb core provide maximum deceleration in a fall. The honeycomb compresses progressively with no ‘bounce’ – unlike other materials.

The peak is made from an energy absorbing polyurethane foam which crushes on impact. With any motion too, the peak will detach, to further limit the possibility of neck injuries.

Faceguards are a major part of a cricket helmet and Jon introduced the first steel and the first titanium face guards to the sport. Our years of experience in this industry have been used in the creation of the Instinct Ti faceguard. It attaches securely to the helmet – over which the peak sits. The Titanium is light but will provide some flex before returning to its original state. Attached to the helmet above the ear the face guards pivot point is much more central than one that attaches to the peak, thereby reducing the possibility of neck injuries.

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